M20’s “MYO HOME” Receives FDA Approval, Pioneering Low-Frequency Muscle Strengthening Medical Device in South Korea

May 17, 2023 | Update

M20, a healthcare platform company specializing in muscular atrophy solutions, is making a bold move into international markets, including the United States. On the 17th, M20 announced that it has become the first domestic manufacturer of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices to receive FDA approval.

Recognized for its expertise in muscle strengthening and therapy through low-frequency (CMB) technology, M20 plans to aggressively expand its global marketing efforts, with a focus on the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

The company’s self-developed product, “MYO HOME,” allows users to wear a suit connected to a smart mirror, enabling them to engage in low-frequency EMS workouts and massage functions. Unlike traditional weight-bearing exercises, the core technology of MYO HOME lies in stimulating muscles using low-frequency EMS.

EMS technology is well-known for its use by NASA to maintain astronauts’ muscle strength in space. MYO HOME takes this technology further by enabling muscle growth even for patients unable to use their joints or stroke survivors.

In the future, MYO HOME will incorporate AI technology, allowing consumers to monitor their health through the smart mirror and receive personalized recommendations for exercise, diet, and health supplements. Additionally, facial recognition and voice recognition features will make it easier for elderly users to access and utilize advanced healthcare services.

Currently, MYO HOME surpasses European or American products in various aspects such as design, price, and convenience, according to the company. An M20 representative stated, “We plan to further expand MYO HOME’s capabilities through partnerships with various companies specializing in body measurements, including blood pressure, diabetes, skin diagnosis, and nutrient analysis. Through this platform, we aim to venture into the solution industry for efficient remote medical consultations.”