A win-win business
that grows with our partners

M20 will thrive by focusing on providing services, not products. We are committed to delivering quality services
to more users and sharing revenue with our partners to create a win-win business.


M20 collaborates with a variety of health-focused partners, including:
Fitness centers, Yoga studios, Pilates studios, Other health-related facilities

MYO Lease Program

M20 offers a leasing program for our MYO equipment to help partners.
By leasing MYOs, partners avoid the high costs of purchasing equipment upfront, encouraging quick decision-making. This approach helps rapidly grow our network of service providers.

Revenue Sharing

Our business model ensures mutual benefit.
Customers pay for using M20 equipment and services. A portion of the revenue is shared among the partner facility, the trainers, and M20, ensuring everyone benefits.

M20 aims to grow together with our partners.

M20 supports its partners through various initiatives:

  • Support Programs: We offer training, events, and other programs to help affiliates market and sell our services.
  • Low Risk, High Return: Our free leasing model reduces financial risks for partners while maximizing their potential returns.

    M20’s services satisfy consumers

    M20 is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for our users:

    • Accessibility: Our fitness services are available anytime, anywhere, making it easy for users to stay fit.
    • Convenience: Users can quickly access services by visiting the nearest M20 affiliate.


    We utilize state-of-the-art technology to enhance our services:

    • App Reservations and Payments: Users can book services and make payments easily through the M20 app.
    • Health Data Insights: The app provides body composition and body type analysis, helping users make informed health decisions.
    • Efficient Data Management: Our partners can systematically manage consumer data to offer personalized solutions and improve service quality.

    M20’s services can satisfy both customers and partners