CMB technology directly targets the muscles.

CMB (Core Muscle Booster) technology represents a breakthrough in mid-low frequency muscle stimulation, a refinement of existing low-frequency muscle stimulation by M20. By enhancing the penetration rate of low frequencies, previously limited, the signals now effectively reach deep into the muscle, providing optimal stimulation.

Unlike traditional low-frequency methods requiring physical movement for signal transmission through the skin, CMB signals directly stimulate muscles, eliminating the need for additional exercise. This innovation ensures muscle workouts without any strain on joints, benefiting a wide range of individuals, including stroke patients, long-term hospital residents, severely obese individuals, and those with physical disabilities.


Muscle workouts for all, without risking joint damage!

While traditional workouts may strain your joints as you strengthen your muscles, CMB exercises offer a solution. They allow you to tone your muscles without putting any pressure on your joints. This is particularly beneficial for individuals such as stroke survivors, long-term hospital patients, severely overweight individuals, and those with physical disabilities. Even if they struggle with mobility, they can still effectively engage their muscles with CMB exercises.


Deeper, stronger

While conventional products utilizing low frequencies struggle with superficial skin-layer effects, CMB signals, employing a blend of medium and low frequencies, penetrate deep into muscles, maximizing muscle contraction, relaxation, and strengthening effects.



Enhanced Efficiency and Comfort

  • Direct stimulation of core muscles surpasses conventional EMS exercises
    with deeper signals.
  • No discomfort or electric pain from signal penetration.
  • High-intensity, efficient workouts in a short time without separate exercises.
  • Gentle on joints and muscles.
  • Just 20 minutes a day for effective muscle strengthening.

We are committed to promoting CMB technology for everyone to enjoy muscle exercise,

an integral component of a healthy lifestyle, without concerns about joint health.

M20 will continue to research and develop our independently crafted CMB technology,

ensuring accessible and convenient pathways to a healthy life for all.