Specialized for Abdominal & Lower Body Workouts

Introducing MYO Leggings: Your Easy Solution for Daily CMB Workouts

What if you could easily work out every day for just 20 minutes?

MYO Leggings resemble regular leggings and are perfect for home use. Simply connect them to your MYO device (MYO HOME or MYO PRO)
to engage your major abdominal and lower body core muscles. With two pairs of pads for hips, pelvis, upper belly, lower belly, waist, thighs, and calves,
MYO Leggings make hip-up exercises and strength building a breeze.

Say Goodbye to Belly and Lower Body Troubles:

Achieve your fitness goals efficiently with MYO Leggings. These leggings combine style and performance,
allowing you to seamlessly integrate workouts into your daily routine without sacrificing time.

Everyday Hip-Up Training Made Easy:

MYO Leggings utilize CMB technology to directly stimulate and contract your abs, back, glutes, thighs, and calf muscles. Unlike gel pads that require replacement, MYO Leggings are easily maintained with a simple wash at home.

Experience the Perfect Collaboration:

Crafted through collaboration between M20’s CMB technology and legging specialists, MYO Leggings feature 16 pads focused on the abdomen and lower body for effective CMB exercises.

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MYO LEGGINGS for everyday hip-ups!
  • Designed for convenience and function, MYO LEGGINGS are tailored for abdomen and lower body workouts.
  • Customize your workout intensity for each area using the MYO device.
  • Unlike traditional exercises triggered by brain signals, CMB stimulates muscles instantly, enhancing abdominals and hip-up strength.