M20 Collaborates with KSB Twogen on Muscular Atrophy Treatment

Jul 7, 2023 | Update

M20, a health care platform company specializing in muscular atrophy solutions, has announced a collaborative research and development partnership with KSB Twogen, a bio-venture company focused on developing new drugs for muscular diseases.

KSB Twogen specializes in treating conditions such as age-related muscular atrophy, rare muscle diseases, aging-related issues, and kidney diseases. They have already secured safety and efficacy data for their age-related muscular atrophy treatment through preclinical trials and are preparing to commence Phase II clinical trials this October.

M20, following a recent strategic investment from Humasis, has initiated clinical trials on muscular atrophy treatment solutions utilizing low- to mid-frequency technology at Konkuk University Hospital.

Based on these clinical trials, M20 plans to launch innovative products aimed at preventing muscle atrophy and bedsores in long-term hospitalized patients by emitting low- to mid-frequency signals through mattresses equipped with their patented silver fabric conductor. Additionally, they aim to address shoulder rotation muscle atrophy-related issues such as rotator cuff injuries and prevent muscle atrophy in patients with fractures by attaching conductors to casts.

Through this partnership agreement, both companies aim to develop a comprehensive and innovative total solution for muscular atrophy treatment, combining both pharmaceutical and medical device approaches. They are committed to commercialization through joint clinical trials, positioning themselves as global leaders in addressing the challenges of muscular atrophy in an aging society.

Muscular atrophy, once considered a natural consequence of aging, is now recognized as a multifaceted condition that can lead to various health issues such as diabetes, bone diseases, cognitive impairment, depression, cancer recovery challenges, and medication efficacy problems. With the inevitable increase in the elderly population, the prevalence of muscular atrophy is expected to rise significantly, reaching nearly 50% by the age of 80, up from 10% at the age of 65.

An M20 representative stated, “We will pursue FDA approval in the United States, leveraging the comprehensive investment from Humasis and the results of joint clinical trials with KSB Twogen and Konkuk University Hospital to obtain technical evaluations and challenge for technology-based listings.”