The World’s First ALL IN ONE Healthcare
CMB workout, body composition analysis and skeletal analysis all in MYO PRO!
Experience CMB exercises through the 43-inch interactive mirror display of MYO PRO.

MYO PRO not only assesses your health status by measuring body composition but also utilizes its precise full-body scanning function to check left-right balance, correct turtle neck posture, and recommend tailored exercises to improve posture and regain lost height.


M20 envisions MYO PRO as an indispensable asset for various exercise and healthcare facilities, including fitness centers, yoga studios, Pilates studios, nursing homes, and rehabilitation hospitals.

Adopting a win-win business model, M20 collaborates with exercise facilities to provide free equipment installation, sharing profits with centers and trainers through reasonable usage fees.

#Low Cost #High Efficiency
#Body composition measurement
#Turtle neck correction
#No discomfort
#Powerful Mid-frequency

45-inch front touch display for internal UI and workout videos.

– The world’s first all-in-one product in the form of EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation)
   + in-body + scale.

– It is the world’s first IOT healthcare product based on user location.
– All core elements such as equipment core technology / EMS suit /
   service model are protected by patents.

– You can schedule usage and manage health data through a dedicated app.

Stimulation Range and Exercise Necessity

Stimulates deep tissue without
electrical pain/discomfort, no exercise required

Frequency Bands

Low frequency (1 ~ 100Hz),
Medium frequency (2,000 ~ 6,000Hz)

Key Features

Content, body composition analysis, skeletal balance, mobile APP support (‘MYO’ ANDROID / IOS)