Mid-Low Frequency EMS Exercise Device for Pets

Help your pets stay active and healthy by taking care of their kneecaps.

Develop the muscles around
the kneecaps with mid-low frequency EMS and free
your pets from worries about
patellar luxation!

80-90% of domestic dogs suffer from patellar luxation. Commonly used knee braces help prevent dislocation and alleviate pain by supporting the surrounding muscles, but they do not improve the condition.
MYO PET, developed in collaboration with a veterinary research team from a university hospital, uses the same signal system as TENS therapy, which is used in veterinary clinics for pets with patellar luxation. Regular use helps develop the muscles around the kneecap, aiding in the prevention of patellar luxation.

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MYO PET is the first mid-low frequency EMS exercise device
designed for pet kneecaps.

  • MYO PET effectively delivers low frequency using a carrier mid frequency. Using mid-low frequency allows the mid frequency to help the low frequency reach the musculoskeletal layer.
  • In many countries, EMS treatment for patellar issues has been in practice for a long time.
  • It helps improve the condition of patellar luxation without surgery.
  • Clinical trials have confirmed that mid-low frequency effectively stimulates muscles directly.


Exercise Mode / Massage Mode

Frequency Range

Low Frequency (1 ~ 100Hz)
Mid Frequency (2,000 ~ 6,000Hz)

Key Features

Mode selection, intensity adjustment, integrated management of exercise/walk records

20 minutes a day for a healthy 20 years.
Protect your pet’s health with MYO PET.


Once it starts, patellar luxation easily recurs, so regular attention and care are necessary.


Manage it smartly
with MYO PET app.

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Download the MYO PET app now and discover the health management solution for your pets!