Anytime, anywhere, everyday CMB workout

MYO SUIT transforms all your daily activities into CMB workouts when you put it on and activate it.

A whole-body suit for the whole body

Imagine if every aspect of your daily life could double as an exercise session. MYO WEAR is a versatile daily CMB product designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply wear it and activate it—no need to carve out extra time for workouts.

20 minutes a day, CMB exercise every day

MYO WEAR seamlessly integrates into your daily life, whether at home or outdoors.
By wearing it and activating it without disrupting your schedule, every daily activity becomes a CMB workout.

Developed after extensive testing:

Our CMB-specific full-body suit is engineered for easy wear and removal. Lightweight and highly stretchable,
it allows for unrestricted movement while delivering CMB signals. Unlike traditional EMS suits,
MYO SUIT is effortlessly worn and removed with our exclusive stretchy material.

Freely removable
Easy to manage
Incredibly effective

MYO SUIT sends CMB medium frequency evenly to
16 different muscle groups!

– Two pairs of pads each for arms, chest, abdomen, sides, thighs, buttocks, waist, etc.
   will not miss any major muscle areas.
– All core elements such as equipment core technology / EMS suit /
   service model are protected by patents.
– MYO PRO and MYO HOME allow you to set your own intensity by adjusting the intensity.

Stimulation Range and Exercise Necessity
Stimulates deep tissue without
electrical pain/discomfort, no exercise required
Frequency Bands

Low frequency (1 ~ 100Hz),
Medium frequency (2,000 ~ 6,000Hz)

Key Features

Exercise content, body composition analysis, skeletal balance, mobile APP support (‘MYO’ ANDROID / IOS)