The First
The Only


The First

All core technologies, including medium
and low frequency generation technology,
CMB suits, and service platforms, are independently developed and patented by M20.


The Only

M20’s CMB technology is the only muscle-strengthening solution available to the elderly, long-term hospitalized patients, severely obese individuals, and people with physical disabilities.

Mtwenty Co., Ltd.

M20 is a healthcare company that develops and provides fitness equipment
and medical devices based on CMB technology to prevent and treat sarcopenia, a condition that threatens the health of modern people.

By integrating European EMS technology with advanced IT solutions, we have created a smarter and more user-friendly service. MYO is the world’s first healthcare service combining mid-low frequency muscle exercise, a body composition analyzer, and a user application.

To ensure that everyone

can live a disease-free

a disease-free

can live a disease-free and healthy life

Maintaining muscle mass is essential for a healthy life. M20 has focused on finding exercise solutions for individuals who cannot move or have damaged joints, such as stroke victims, long-term hospitalized patients, and people with severe disabilities. This led to the development of CMB (CORE MUSCLE BOOSTER) technology, enabling those with physical limitations to maintain their muscles.


In response to the increased demand for non-face-to-face services due to COVID-19, M20 is expanding into larger markets such as fitness, home training,
and smart healthcare. We achieve this through a convergent business model utilizing ‘CMB’ technology,
which advances traditional ‘electrical muscle stimulation’ technology.

Healthy life without disease

A healthy society where everyone
can enjoy a life free from disease.

Easy, Fast, and Accessible

We aim to provide healthcare services
that anyone can use anytime,
anywhere, without difficulty. 

Value of ‘User First’

We prioritize our users by developing
user-centered technologies and services.


Management Support

Human Resources/Accounting/Other Administrative Support

Strategic Planning

Product & Service Planning / Campaign Content Planning / Graphic Design

Corporate Research Center

Hardware/ Software Design and Development

Whenever, Wherever, Whoever

Everyone deserves a healthy life.

M20 is committed to promoting services based on CMB technology to make healthcare easily and
conveniently accessible to both healthy and unhealthy individuals, regardless of time and place.



M20’s CI stands for “20 Minute Exercise a Day” for Health
It contains a healthy body and spirit that is strong and soft.


Color System

The main color ‘Black’ represents the expertise of the technology leader ‘M20’ and
the trust it has gained through long experience.


Color System

The main color ‘Black’ represents the expertise of the technology leader ‘M20’ and
the trust it has gained through long experience.