Innovations in Home Training
Why MYO HOME is the best
for home training?
Full-length smart mirror
with 27 touch display
Powerful mid-low frequency
CMB (Core Muscle Booster) technology

Video content of 20 workout programs coached by CMB master trainers

Health information measurement function such as body composition measurement and skeletal balance measurement

The most unique home training device ever!

Home training like never before

Are you tired of simply following along with a screen? MYO HOME integrates powerful CMB technology for an unparalleled and dynamic home workout session. Once you start, you won’t want to stop.

A Mirror with Multi-functionality

Featuring 420 exercise courses and customized CMB workout videos for each course, MYO HOME makes CMB workouts accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Measure your body composition and skeletal balance to better understand your health status and embark on a journey to a healthier you with MYO HOME’s recommended exercise programs.

Seamlessly Blends
into Your Space

Beyond its training capabilities, MYO HOME doubles as a stylish full-length mirror that effortlessly enhances any space. Work out in front of MYO HOME and witness your transformation firsthand!

Alone or Together
CMB Training

Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, slim down, or combat fatigue,
MYO HOME offers 20 diverse workout programs tailored to your specific goals. With workout videos led by professional CMB Training Masters guiding you through each frequency signal and exercise, you’ll always have support throughout your fitness journey.

CMB Training at Home

No time for the gym?
Uninterested in Pilates classes?
It’s time to do CMB training at home

Explore every nook and cranny of
your body’s 16 major muscles with MYO HOME


Effortlessly stimulate muscles in 16 vital areas using CMB signals.


Customize the strength of the signal for each area according to your preference
—strengthen, weaken, or even deactivate the signal altogether.


Once you’ve set the signal strength for each area, MYO HOME remembers your settings, eliminating the need to adjust them every time.


Enhance Your Experience with the MYO APP:

Keep track of
your body’s transformation
beyond CMB workouts.

Utilize the body composition measurement and skeletal balance measurement functions to visualize your progress since starting your fitness journey.

With the MYO APP, easily monitor your body’s change history and take control of your health. Download the MYO APP from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today!


IDEA 2022 Finalist

M20’s MYO HOME has been named a finalist at the IDEA 2022 Design Awards in the United States,
one of the most prestigious design awards globally.