M20 Partners with InBody Following Ceragem Collaboration, Demonstrating Platform Growth Potential

May 9, 2024 | Update

Muscle atrophy solution company M20 is joining forces with InBody (041830), the world’s leading body composition analysis company. Following their partnership with Ceragem’s US subsidiary, this collaboration is expected to accelerate M20’s growth in both domestic and US markets.

Integration of InBody’s Body Composition Analyzer in MYOHome to Launch in Second Half

According to industry sources on the 7th, M20 recently agreed to collaborate with InBody on the domestic and international sales of their self-developed medium and low-frequency EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) device, MYOHome. As part of this collaboration, M20 will replace its own body composition analyzer in MYOHome with InBody’s device. The MYOHome integrated with InBody’s analyzer will be available starting in the second half of the year.

This partnership highlights the potential of MYOHome as a healthcare platform, recognized by not only small and medium-sized ventures such as Lululab (skincare solutions), Lamiditech (medical devices), and Esoco Fit (healthcare), but also mid-sized companies like Ceragem.

MYOHome’s Appeal as a Platform: Versatility and Expandability

The appeal of MYOHome lies in its versatility and expandability. At its core, MYOHome is a device that allows users to wear a suit (MYOSuit) connected to a smart mirror (MYOMirror) to perform medium and low-frequency EMS exercises and massages. The key technology is stimulating muscles with medium and low-frequency EMS rather than traditional exercise. Last year, MYOHome received FDA approval as an EMS medical device, making M20 the first Korean company to achieve this for an EMS device.

Building on this, MYOHome offers a range of healthcare services, including skeletal muscle measurement and strengthening, as well as body composition analysis. This allows users to efficiently assess and improve their health at home, in gyms, or hospitals.

M20 plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) features into MYOHome within the year. These features will include AI-based facial and voice recognition. Consumers will receive services and recommendations from MYOHome, including body composition analysis, personalized exercise programs, exercise time tracking, body shape management, and diet management, all based on facial recognition through the MYOMirror.

Additionally, users will be able to earn “MYOCoins” as rewards for achieving their fitness goals. These coins can be used to purchase and pay for health supplements and diet plans. In February last year, M20 introduced MYOCoin, the world’s first IoT-based healthcare platform cryptocurrency.

An M20 representative stated, “We are expanding our collaborations to increase our sales in the US market. Ceragem, with its extensive experience and infrastructure in the local market, will provide significant synergy for us.”