The more you reflect
The more you get beauty.

‘Myo Mirror’ uses smart touch mirror display to reflect the changes in your body based on training information, weight and body composition analysis, and to provide a new experience that allows EMS training by yourself through workout video on the screen.

Innovative all-in-one design with a mobile app.

‘Myo mirror’ is an innovative IoT EMS training platform integrated with modulated mid-frequency EMS, body analyzer, weight scale, touchable smart mirror display, and mobile app which you can check your workout and body composition results.

Gentle. Powerful. Innovative. Modulated mid-frequency 2,000 ~ 6,000hz

Maximizing results while minimizing effort for the most efficient training possible utilizing modulated mid-frequency currents to enhance, shape and tone your body to reach fitness goals you never thought that was possible.

Easy Searching, Booking and paying for the nearest affiliate facilities.

With ‘Myo mirror’ app, based on location service, offers you can search for the nearest affiliated facility near you with easy booking, and convenient app payment.

Fitness, Wellness and Health Participated in the world’s largest exhibition

From April 4 to 7, 2019 at the Cologne Exhibition Center in Germany from 9 am to 6 pm at 5.2 / A52, “My Mirror” will be open to all interested fans including fitness, pilates, wellness and rehabilitation training around the world.

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